What are some alternatives to Download Helper (a Firefox addon) on IE9 and Google Chrome?
Question by Reý Aetar /

What are some alternatives to Download Helper (for Firefox) on IE9 and Google Chrome?


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Answers (7)
  • Amit Sinha

    the best you have to buy is Internet Download Manager the same is available as a trial for 30 days

  • Wouter Ruelens

    Why would you want to use IE, firefox can get it done with fewer problems.

  • Erlis Dhima

    What I use myself is IDM (Internet Download Manager).. I could say it’s great!
    But I recommend you search for the lasted versions, since it has some issues with Google Chrome!

  • echantrea

    like Anay said, No addon for IE 9 or older, why not use Internet download manager, Orbit Download manager, or Free download manager.

  • pri2sh

    there is no exact alternative to download helper for IE/Chrome,
    but you try Orbit Download manager or Internet Download Manager it has similar extension for these browser to download video.
    Or try software named “TubeMaster++”

  • Anay Chaubal

    no such add on in IE 9, but free download manager will work with almost all browsers that you may have.