What is an alternative for Adobe Flash for my Mac Leopard?
Question by sydney /

I have spent so many hours trying to get Adobe Flash to work on my Mac 10.5.8 Leopard. I have tried all the archive installs and still get the message that it won’t install on “Power PC” .

Is there alternative flash player that will work with my Mac? It has worked fine until I was told that I had to update.

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Answers (2)
  • Simon Barnett

    An alternative is using Google Chrome which has Flash Player embedded.

    An advantage to this option (though not a 100% guarantee) is that your system is further shielded from attacks such as the Flashback trojan, which found it’s way onto 600 000 Macs. When Apple issued the initial fixes, they left 10.5 Leopard behind.


  • Mike

    The latest and last available Flash Player version for PowerPC Macs is (current version 
    With Flash content on the internet getting update regularly it basically means that sooner or later you won’t be able to use or see Flash content anymore [which is why you where told to update Flash Player]

    As for installing:
    1. download the Flash Player archiv and unpack/unzip it
    2. locate and open the flashplayer101r102_64_ubmac.dmg and follow the installation instructions

    Also I don’t know of any compatible alternative ~ I can only think of a Flash-To-HTML5 browser [like Skyfire for mobile devices] but even then you won’t be able to view all content.

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