How can I get maximum speed out of Internet Download Manager on a slow internet connection?
Question by nithin kurian /

I am using a very low speed internet connection, so I don’t get enough downloading speed in IDM. Then how can I alter to obtain the maximum speed in IDM for slow internet connection?

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Answers (4)
  • Guest

    Opera turbo just sucks. I downloaded it as you said but it always shows error ahe ”opera turbo is not available. It was not possible to establish a connection.” or “could not locate remote server” At first I thought how such an awesome browser is far behind in popularity. This is why. & That’s why Chrome & Firefox rock.

  • Anonymous

    You’re just like me nithin :) I myself have a slow connection. to say it goes maximum upto 9 KB/sec. Can you believe? That’s DUN of TataDocomo. I dunno what speed you have.
    If I say to you then I think it’s not possible to gain any high speed. The maximum speed you can get is already given to you by IDM. Its the best download manager. It do its best to gain speed. Unless you have a good modem and a good location, it’s really tough to get speed.

  • Nirmal Shah

    Go to the menu bar:
    1. Downloads -> Options
    2. Select the Connection tab
    3. Select your connection type from the dropdown menu.
    4. Set the ‘Maximum connections number’ to 16 ( Important )
    5. Voilla !! You’re done :)

  • Anonymous

    you can ask your antivirus to not scan image, videos and Internet download manager through exclusion list.

    other then this try opera turbo

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