Al Atherton

Why can I not allocate space on my hard drive?

17 Jan 2012
17 Jan 2012 | |

I installed a SECOND hard drive of 3 TB in my HP machine. When I formatted it, the computer automatically partitioned it TWO. One partition, of 2024 GB, it lettered E and everything is ok. The remaining partition, is 746.52 GB and is labeled UNALLOCATED, and is unusable.

The computer sees the space, but won’t allow it to be formatted, or give it a letter. In the Computer Management utility, under Disk Management, all the drives have a heavy blue line above their enumeration, but this 3TB drive is divided and the UNALLOCATED space has a heavy BLACK line above it, and diagonal hash lines thru the field, and says 746.52 FB and Unallocated.

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