How can I allocate free hard drive space after shrinking my C drive in Windows?
Question by Anjani Kumar Gupta /
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I shrank my C drive, which volume has been 278 GB, into a new drive of 100 GB. Now it is showing 100GB unallocated, but now I have a problem that I can’t allocate the volume. It is not going to be formatted. It shows an error. Help me, what should I do?

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Answers (59)
  • Madhu

    Dear Sir/ mam,

    I am using Windows7. I have 200GB of Free Space and 370 MB of unallocated Space out of 500 GB in my Hard Disk. Now i was trying to Extend Volume of 'C' from 40GB to 60GB but it is extending upto 370Mb only, eventough i have 200GB free space.

    I would like to know how to convert Hard Disk Free Spcae to Unallocated Space.

    • Bruce Epper

      Right-click on the partition marked as Free Space and select Delete Partition from the context menu. If it is adjacent to the other Unallocated Space, it should all become Unallocated Space. At this point, if the Unallocated Space is adjacent to your C partition, you should be able to extend it to consume as much of the Unallocated Space as you wish.


      Hello, as an alternative you can use the software provided in the link below. The advantage this software has as compared to the tools provided with windows is that you can shrink any partition at the beginning of it or at the end. It is easy to use and it would suit your purpose very well.

      You could use the software to shrink the 200 GB drive to the amount you need and then extend the C from 40 to 60. Best thing of all is that you can do it all in one step. After that, all you do is restart system. By the way, what version of windows 7 are you running? How many partitions are in your drive? Here is the link:

  • Michael

    In fact, the Windows 7 snap-in disk management has so many limitation on managing your hard disk, therefore, try use other professional partition software for windows 7 is much better. From you could find more detials information about best windows 7 partition software

  • ramya santhanam

    my new laptop is not yet drive allocated. how to do it??

  • Raj_ma

    how will I alocate my drive D after Re partitioning what I deed is to increase my drve C I repartition Using Acronics , but when Im done repartioning my drive d is already alocate but there's an error " this drive is not formatted and asking me to format drive " but i can't because all of my documents and my archive is their.
    pls help me.... 


       Hello, what you could do is move your documents and other stuff to another partition and then format the drive.  You could use an external drive or if you have a flashdrive with enough space, store it there.

  • jimit26911

    i formateed hdd in sony vaio laptop but i did some mistake so now its showing unllocate partion i try to create partition from disk mangement or one software also but its not done so how i create partition any one help me


       Hello, can you give me more information about how you formatted the drive, your operating system and mistake did you make?

    • jimit26911

      i have windows 7 32 bit so i want to 64 bit so i formatted in format process i format all drives so recovery drive & all drive formatted so now partition showing unalloacted so i want to make partition but i can't so what i do for this pls help me 


       Hello, you should be able to do this from disk management interface.  What version 7 do you have?  If this does not work, try the following software:

      How many partitions does your system have? 

  • It Dept Ang

    hi formatted hdd in sony vaio laptop now its showing unlloacted partion i try create partition from one software & disk management from windows 7 but its not solve how i create that unllocate partion any one help me pls

  • Don Fierro26

    I have a question, I shrank my external HDD into three equal parts, one is NSTF format, another is FAT32, the third became unallocated and when I right click on it, won't give me the "new simple volume" option. How can I fix this?? Running Windows Vista Home Premium. And help would be great! Please email me at


       Hello, did you use disk management to partition the harddrive into three partitions or a different software?

  • Shagoralom

    this is virus problem . i setup my os again and setup antivirus then scan full operating system . there are lots of virus. thank you.

  • Shagoralom

    i am using xp . when i shut down my laptop,it take restart. how can i solve my problem?

  • satya

     Expand satyamy question is how to recover 146 gb unallocated space on 320 gb hddplz tell me very  impand the error show on my desktop there is not enouugh space available on the disk(s) to complete this operation m using window7 ultimate


       Hello if the system is telling you there is not enough space, make sure to move big files like video, music or even pictures to an external drive.  Most times for windows to be able to create system restore, the drive will need at least 15 % of free space.  Move these files to make the 15% of free space and then just try the following:

      -- right click on C: drive
      -- select extend
      -- answer and follow instructions
      -- you should be able to use whole drive for system

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