How do I address login, email, privacy and other issues on MakeUseOf?

Erlis D May 12, 2014
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Lately, here on MakeUseOf I’ve seen some bugs (sorry if the problem is on my side).

First, I need to re-login every time I open the website. This happens on every browser (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox).

Second, I don’t get any points any more. Sometimes I get points when I share (which is annoying, since I don’t want to share everything just to get points, but only when I feel the need),
but I don’t get points for commenting to answers on any posts. As I’ve talked before with someone from the site, this happens because comments gets checked (for spams or I don’t know).

Comments appear some time after posting the comment (which obviously makes me not get any point). I think comments should be removed by normal users by downvoting.

Some users should be added to a “trusted list” if they have some time on the site.

Sorry if this sounds like is only for the points, but it’s discouraging when you don’t get points at all and you don’t feel to comment at all. And also I would like to give some suggestions, hoping my voice will be heard.

Third, I think the site lacks of the ability to change your e-mail (I’m really worried about this, since I requested an e-mail change, and it was okay, until the last update of the site design). Anyway, it would be better to change it on your own, and to have a more customizable profile with more options.

And lastly, the biggest issue! There is no privacy on this site! Period! I try searching by my name on Google or any other web engines and I get mostly links from the Answers I’ve given on different questions (since, if any old user might recall, it was posted the full name on questions, and it’s still being posted the full name on comments).

Maybe privacy it’s not needed on a website where you share your knowledge, but still is good to know it is there.

Sorry I talked this much, but I feel there is the need for this changes to be made!

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