How can I add a memory card reader to my desktop computer?
Question by Kareena /

I bought an inexpensive replacement desktop when both my desktop and laptop died in the same week. There is no memory card reader slot on it and I need to be able to read memory cards. Is there a device for this? Thank you in advance.

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  • Tina


    did your old desktop computer have a card reader? You might be able to remove it from there and connect it to your new desktop computer.

    Otherwise, the best solution would be to get a USB memory card reader that you can connect via USB. They cost 20 to 30 Dollars. For example ImageMate from SanDisk.

    If you need a really cheap solution, you can get a USB stick that runs with memory cards. Some shops on Amazon currently offer them for less than 3 Dollars and with free shipping, for example this 10 in 1 Mini USB 2.0 Memory Card Reader Writer.

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