How can I add books to my Kindle from a CD?
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I have a CD with loads of books on, but I can’t transfer them to a Kindle. I have put them on my computer, but still can’t transfer them. They won’t show on Kindle when I send them to a Kindle. Please help. Thanks.

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Answers (4)
  • Anonymous

    I added a number of books to my friend Kindle.  Plug you Kindle in and Go to start, clickk on computer and go to where you have your books from the CD.  Click on Kindle and you should have a directory - Documents.  Drag and drop the books from the CD into the Documents folder under Kindle.  Worked for me

  • Xoandre Moats

    Try uploading them to your cloud drive, after MAKING CERTAIN that they are in the proper format.

    If they are AUDIO books, simply rip the CD to MP3 files on your computer and place them in a directory on your Kindle (or on your Amazon cloud drive).

    If they are e-books, make sure they are compatible with Kindle (90% of the formats out there are compatible).

  • Anonymous

    perhaps depends on the format of books in the CD, You can convert any ebooks into mobi format by using a free program called Calibre

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