How can I activate the scroll feature on my HP laptop?
Question by Michael Carter /
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How do I activate the scroll feature on my laptop’s touchpad?
I have a HP Compaq 6515b.

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Answers (3)
  • Aibek

    Hi Michael,

    Were you able to activate the scroll feature using recommendations above? Let us know.



    Here is a link showing you how to disable the scroll feature. Follow the steps and just make sure to mark both: horizontal and vertical scrolling or just check mark horizontal scrolling. Hope it helps

  • Anonymous


    Check to see if the touchpad software is loaded in the task bar next to the clock. A common brand for touchpads is Synaptics. If you cannot find that application in the task bar area, check to see if there is a program group with that name via the Start button... Programs... Synaptics.

    the way to resolve it is to go to your synaptics/mouse/touchpad control area by going to control panel, mouse or in your lower right corner, synaptics, find the option that says "assume wheel is present" and change it to "look for wheel", then it will want to restart and when it does you will have scroll features again.

    you can also

    1) Go to Device Manager > Mouse & Pointing Devices

    2) Find your touchpad, right-click and 'Uninstall' it.
    3) Restart your computer: The touchpad driver will reinstall automatically as the computer restarts.

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