How do I activate Netflix subtitles on a Samsung TV?
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How do I activate Netflix subtitles on a Samsung TV?

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Answers (12)
  • Ifrank53

    I have a vizio brand tv. Can I access subtitles on this tv?

  • Shoalrunner

    I had the same problem with a Samsung Blu-Ray player. Come to find out… can’t! 
     As of 2007, subtitles and CC are not mandated by law with the new digital content. (Congress and the FCC really dropped the ball on this one) Samsung has chosen not to support subtitles for streaming content simply because it’s not legally required.Bottom line……they don’t “have” to – and aren’t going to, until forced to do so.

    • Tina

      Thanks for sharing your insight!

    • John Petersen

       Um, subtitles for streaming content have *never* been required by the FCC. The FCC does not have the authority or jurisdiction to regulate streaming content.  Until recently, Netflix did not even have subtitles available, regardless of your player. In fact, this is not even Samsung’s issue. Netflix develops the app for Samsung’s internet@TV platform. They simply have not updated it for subtitles yet. I’m sure they will, eventually.

    • Ddjboss

      I have a playstation 3 and I have close caption almost in every movie so if you dont know dont talk you moron!!!

    • Ddjboss

      The problem is from Samsung, I have a blurauy Samsung and is the only that cant show the subtitle. They dont have it even in the menu.

    • RTR

      That is correct subtitles do work with ps3 and I heard also with sony bluray, im sorry that I bought a samsung dvd !!! :-(

    • RTR

      I meant Samsung bluray!!!


      Hey dies your RTR stand for Roll Tide Roll? If so ROLL TIDE, National Champs!!! 
      Anyways I am having troubles getting the subtitles to play on my Vizio, sucks real bad, ROLL TIDE!!!!

    • Scuba

      I really wish they had them too, but since it’s a paid for service and not public it’s really none of the FCC’s business. Plus if netflix added them for every video, that would take time and staff – which we would see as in increase in prices.


    Hello, I would start by checking if your movie/program has any subtitles included with it.  In the following link, it will give you a link to check for that and also, it will show you how to show the subtitles:

    Another point to take into consideration is the fact that the subtitles work only on certain platforms.  Check your configuration and see if it is compatible with any of those platforms.  For the platforms that are not included, I would think it is a matter of time until some apps/updates are added to get this functionality.  

    TV wise, most recent tvs have a section in the settings for subtitles.  Go into the settings of your TV and set the subtitles to auto.  Once the subtitles are on auto, they will show.  Also usually the remote control has an option for turning subtitles on and also if there is a movie with more than one language, you can choose which one you want to play.  I would say with netflix it would be a matter of turning subtitles on the remote control and if the subtitle stream is included, it will show. 

    I would say, you would benefit from visiting the following site and read the comments there, they are focused on what you are asking: 

    Also you can visit the samsung forum here:

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