How can I use Acronis Secure Zone to backup and restore Windows 7?
Question by Rishabh /
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I have Windows 7 installed on my PC and I want to install Windows 8 developers preview to see how it works. However, I want my Windows 7 back after installing Windows 8. Can I make an image in the Acronis Secure Zone? Does it work? Or anything else? Please help me.

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Answers (3)
  • Sonny Bass

    Using the backup and restore feature that is built into Windows 7 works perfectly well. I make frequent system images with it(at least once a week,and right before I try something possibly foolish) I only make a system image of my C: drive, no additional folders. And yes I have had to restore from them with no problems. I keep an image with fresh install of Windows with all my primary programs installed plus generally my last 4 backups.

  • Anonymous

    Sure it can work

    1) After installation, you need to restart Windows for the configuration changes to take effect
    2) Acronis One-Click Backup will dialog box will pop up to remind you schedule a backup. In this time, you can cancel it.
    3) Switch to "Tools & Utilities" tab, and then "Manage Acronis Secure Zone".
    4) Choose the partition you want to spare the space.
    5) And then specify the partition size for Acronis Secure Zone.
    6) Additionally, click "Password" in "Optional Steps" section, you can set a password for better security.
    7) Press "Proceed" to begin the Acronis Secure Zone creation process.
    8) Now you can see the "Acronis Secure Zone.

    dont forget to activate Acronis Startup Recovery Manager after creating the Acronis Secure Zone

  • Jeffery Fabish

    This is a perfect opportunity to embrace the features of a virtual machine, such as VirtualBox. It allows you to install an operating system in a virtual environment. Just download the Windows 8 Developer Preview ISO and install it inside of VirtualBox. Read MakeUseOf's guide on How To Use VirtualBox for more information.

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