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What is the accurate amount of RAM a 32-bit Windows 7 can address?

14 Dec 2010
14 Dec 2010 | |

It’s recommended that 2 GB RAM is used for Windows 7 32-bit and 1 GB is minimum requirement.

Will Windows 7 32-bit Ultimate run at full speed with 2 GB of RAM?
If no, then how much RAM will it need to run at full speed?

Some sites say that 32-bit versions of Windows will address less than 3 GB, some say 3.5 GB, and Wikipedia says 4 GB. I’m totally confused with this.
Will 32-bit Windows OS with 3 GB address the full memory?

How much on-board graphics memory today’s motherboard comes up with? Can I disable the on-board graphics and use graphics card to gain the memory used by on-board graphics? If yes, then how much RAM will Windows 7 read if I install 4 GB RAM?

Why does Microsoft limit its client version of 32-bit OS to address no more than 4 GB RAM and it gives its server version 192 GB RAM?

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