Why can I not access my SD card in Windows 8?
Question by Kevin Vaillant /

I am dual booting Windows 8 and Ubuntu on both my laptop and desktop computers.

When I insert my SD card in my desktop, it is viewable under My Computer, but when I insert the same SD card in my laptop, it is not viewable in My Computer. It shows up under Devices, but I can’t view it under My Computer.

I have already updated the driver for the SD card reader on the laptop and still the same thing. Anybody have any ideas, any help is greatly appreciated.

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Answers (5)
  • wenge

    Hi Kevin Vaillant,

    How do you managed to have dual OS on windows? I was not able to do that.


    • Jakob Thusgaard

      Am doing the same. First installed Win8 and then let the Ubuntu 12.10 installation take care of re-partitioning. Works nicely!

  • Igor Rizvi?

    compability mde and run as admin

  • illegal3alien

    It’s probably a driver problem. You could try going into device manager and deleting the driver and then re-install it again with a different version

  • ha14

    Install the driver in Compatibility mode:

    Right click on My Computer, select Manage. On the following screen, click on Disk Management. You should now see the sd card drive on the right hand side of the screen, assign it a drive letter, it should now show up in Windows Explorer.

    if still do not show then double click on it from disk management and access the contents in the card

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