How can I access a Java-based website on an Android phone?
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I have a couple of websites that I use regularly from my Windows desktop and laptop systems, but I can’t get them to work on my Android phone. I thought Android was somewhat based on Java, so didn’t think these would be an issue.

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Answers (23)
  • Maixo

    Got internet banking in norway today but site needs java.i have an iphone 4s and a samsung galaxy tablet and neither system works with java."java doesnt work with ios" "java doesnt run on android but a variation called dalvik does" blaa blaa blaa
    technology is supposed to make things easier but it is this type of bullshit which is making information technology such a pain in the arse! !

    • NP

      Its really unfortunate, Android doesn't support java based Web sites. But it supports flash.
      I liked Android. I'm using galaxy note. I need to use java based sites, I'm waiting for developers to come out with a solution.


  • Sunil_bl007

    I am sunil.i am using samsung tab6200.i am not able to use jave so please sugest me some soluction for this.i have trisdp all websites but i didnt but its not installing.

  • Aibek

     Yep, VPN does seem like it's the only way to download stuff in your case. When it comes to VPM I would recmmmend software called HideMyAss, check it out.

  • Ed

    If you really want to use wordpress, is the only one I know that offers free wordpress web hosting. You will have access to cPanel, so you can install a wordpress platform easily via Fantastico. You just need to point your NS entries to 000webhost from your account settings in your domain registrar.

    Pros: Access to cPanel, can install wordpress
    Cons: limited space / bandwidth and sometimes the speed is not that great.Alternatively, if you're not really keen in using wordpress, I suggest using Blogger (Google) instead. You can also use your own domain. You just need to change some settings (NS entries) just like in 000webhost and Google provides excellent tutorials on how to do this depending on your domain registrar. 

    Pros: Access to Google Apps, Unlimited space/bandwidth, and it's Google so you know that they will not close shop whatever happens.
    Cons: Can't host wordpress, you will use blogger platform instead. It's not that Blogger is not good but we all know that WordPress is better.

  • Jay.0

    It's not possible, as much as I know.

  • Jay.0

    what is Firefox bar ? can you specify it or show us in a screen shot ?
    items on the bookmarks bar can be sorted by drag and drop.


    Hello, what kind of items are you referring too?  If you are referring to moving buttons such as home, refresh, items in add-on bar, etc. you could try the following:

    -- click on view
    -- highlight toolbar
    -- click on customize
    -- left click on any specific button and keep it pressed until you move the specific button to where you want them
    -- do this with every button you want moved
    -- once your finished moving everything to your liking
    -- click on the done button


    Hello, are you using VGA or DVI to connect your monitor?  What is the native resolution showing in the screen resolution page?  Have you tried running windows update to check if it shows you a driver available?   I would make sure that your system is up to date first.  Do you have the original installation disc?  Unsigned drivers might be there with an .inf extension.

    While I do not advice doing it this way because your system might become unstable,  you could try downloading the unsigned drivers located in the link below.  Make sure to download and scan the driver with your antivirus before installing it.  Also make sure to make backups, a system restore and a system image before running the executable file.  They might work for you but you have to be aware that this is an old driver and also that your windows 7 installation might give you trouble installing it because it is not signed. 

    If the installation with windows 7 driver fails and you have no choice, you might want to try it under your own responsibility.  Keep in mind that there are no unsigned drivers specifically for windows 7.  Try downloading the driver for vista x32. I am just giving you the link for it:

  • Temp

    One solution may to be to remote control a desktop pc capable of running the java website. There are many RDP and VNC apps on the android market.

    • Deloresbell52


    • Fwaffy

      So stop whining and go get yourself an idiot friendly iPhone then. Your addition to this thread was completely pointless, and downright rude since you just SHOUTED for no reason. If you cannot add constructive comments, questions or answers.......DON'T POST!

    • Zipperhead46163

      Java doesn't work on iphone or ipad either.l

    • Tashwilliams8

      That's true apple don't support java and initially also didn't support flash either, nor sure where they are at with with of these

    • Icicle Man

       It's a shame.......the world doesn't understand how bad Apple has infected the public

  • Steve

    Danny and ha14, Thank you both for your comments. I have checked, and my settings for JavaScript and Plug-ins were both turned on already. I still am not able to get into my sites, I will have to figure out a work around.


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