How to access Facebook in China?
Question by Flora /
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I found out that Facebook is blocked in China, but I NEED to be in touch with everyone back home when I go. I really need to know how to access Facebook in China – but a way that’s not expensive, and really works all the time. I know people have done it – what’s the best way?

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Answers (31)
  • Andrew

    I read a great blog post about how to access blocked sites in China, I recommend that you read it: I used a Proxy that they recommended and it worked for me. Good luck :) :)

  • Daniel

    I'm using it works great in China and does not require any installation. I hate installing new software on my laptop when I travel LOL :-))))
    Just make sure you check the free trial before you signup. for me it worked really well.

  • Mustajar Ahmad

    i m n china,and i m using a web browser named "Web Freer" ,using this browser you can access youtube , facebook and other blocked sites in china.

  • John S.

    Facebook is blocked in China, you need a VPN service like to get on FB, YouTube etc from China.

  • leslie cristobal

    how to access facebook in china

  • Oremjim

    I used surfbouncer and had a HORRIBLE experience. HELP!!

    I was in a China on a short business trip and looked for a VPN company to help me stay in touch with the USA. Surf Bouncer was one that seemed to work well. When I returned from the trip I requested them to cancel. Not only did they fail to cancel my account but they continued to charge my paypal account. When I brought this to their attention, I received the following email:

    We owe you nothing. We don't keep logs so we have no idea if you used it recently or not.
    I see you've managed to find the cancellation feature in PayPal. So you see it was not that hard.

    All you needed to do was go to your PayPal account and cancel the subscription. We advised you three time to do this. Your failure to do so is not our fault, it's yours.

    What's so hard about taking some personal responsibility instead of blaming others for your failures.

    This is simply not true. They advised me to find the cancel subcription button of which there is none. It was only after filing a dispute with paypal that the subscription was canceled. As you can tell from the tone of their response, they are out to defraud people. Reputable companies when a written request for a cancelation is made it is respected. My advice is to never use SurfBouncer for any services.

  • dwayne

    I am trying to reach facebook china for a friend that i have not seen in a long time

  • Ming

    Hi Flora,

    I am using Quasi Network It works very well from China. I would definitely recommend it, since it is very easy to use. It is not free, but the price is very small, much cheaper then any other service.

  • Tony Batty

    Hey! Flora have you tried download the extension for Google or you can install Firefox and try their extension too. I use it at work where they have the FB blocked and it works.

  • Evan

    I use VPNinja, and it works great! There are new Canadian servers that have just been added, so I can access all the Kokanee drinking videos I can handel. They are at

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