How can I access my Facebook account if I forgot my username and password?
Question by Pet /

I want to remove my old Facebook account but I can’t remember the username and password. I have a new account now. What do I do?

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Answers (51)
  • muhammad laeeq

    very helping. avery one bless the google for this remarkable service to mankind

  • thersa rani

    i try anytime i write my passward because he did not match him.and i cannot see my dacuments plase see my accounts

  • khaled

    i forgot my password and my email

  • Vicky

    I’ve forget my facebook pass & also i want to change my default email Id already set on facebook account I wana give another ID


    thanks my fb password is recover and this is good site………………:)

  • dinesh

    unable to login in the face book so i forgot password

  • sarim ali

    kindly i forget my facebook acuont pasword i want make new pasword amgatly

  • aashu

    actuly my frnd has forget her passward nd she don’t have any other e mail id then how can she get passward plz tell me

  • sujatha

    cannot open facebook

  • Laurie Harker

    I am very frustrated, to be honest. Could you please assist me in making my sign in proceedure with Facebook more straightforward?

    I have kept notes about my sign in name and password, as well as a security question and its answer……yet I can’t seem to log in to my Facebook account.

    Even having tried your tutorials….

    I’ll appreciate any streamlined advice! Laurie

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