How can I access my Facebook account when I forgot my password?
Question by Dnzrs Lad /
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How can I hack into my Facebook account if I forgot my password? I have all my memories in it. Please please let me know! I have all my photos and videos in it.

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Answers (24)
  • Iola silas

    Please help me I have so many photos and memories on my family page and etc. and I have forgotten my password .. Please help me so I don't lose everything.


    pliz forgetmy pasword

  • Smith Bill

    you go to recovery page in Facebook.there are many option for getting password.Please visit at 2ezasia website for magento services.

  • Kingsley

    How do i recover my facebook user name

  • joanne biscocho abelador

    i forgot my password for facebook

  • Borina Morin

    i forgot my password for facebook.

  • Emailmacotera

    I forgot my face book password. Can I create another one?

  • Suad

    i forget my pasword  ( facebook) and i forget the pasword ( e-mail adess  , Messangger ) :( please tell me ??

  • Ishika

    i forgot my password .what i can do

  • Irene

    Dear Tina,
    I forget my facebook email address and password, so how can i get back this all? pls help me. thanks alot.

    • Tina


      the only advice I can give you is to go through all the tips given above and all the options Facebook provides, which changes regularly.

      As far as I know, you can retrieve your account through an alternative email address (if you set one up), through a phone number (if you provided one), and if none of that works even through recognizing information from your friends.

      It's trial and error really and it's hard for someone to guide you through that if their account is perfectly fine. Good luck!

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