How can I access data on an external drive after a virus turned folders turned into .lnk files?

29 Apr 2011
29 Apr 2011 | |

Due to some virus on my computer, all folders on external memory connected to the computer used to turn into .lnk files, pointing to the actual folder location. It used the virus file to function. I ran a virus scan and deleted the virus after mapping it out.

However, now, due to unavailability of the malcode, the .lnk associations on the external hard drive aren’t working. The memory details of my external drive say that all data is still present on it, but it’s gone somewhat hidden, meaning I can’t access it because the original folder doesn’t show up, and the .lnk associations aren’t working because of non-availability of the virus code.

What do I do to recover my data? Kindly reply. Thanks

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