Why can’t I access my 1TB external hard drive?
Question by Jaja Zol /

I have a 1TB external hard drive. When I plug it in my laptop’s USB port it recognizes the hard drive. But I can’t open it. I receive an error message “The Parameter is Incorrect” or “The device cannot be accessed.” What does this mean and how can I fix it?

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Answers (3)
  • Kyem Ghosh

    just format it. It sometimes happens for new mass storage device. It jst happened to my new hard drive. If you can’t format it normally, do it from the boot menu and after that when you try to open it with normal windows it will ask you for formatting automatically, if not, do it manually….

  • Henree Arriola de Garcia

    If it’s new, format the drive. If you have things you want to save, take them out with a special recovery software, then format it.

  • ha14

    Try to uninstall the driver from the device manager, reboot and reconnect hard drive so that Windows OS detect it an install a clean driver.

    you can try also this Unlock Disk program
    myself never used it.

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