How can I make my 8 GB SD card bootable?
Question by Usher Davidson /
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I have an 8 GB SanDisk Ultra SDHC Class 6. I was wondering if anyone knew how to make it bootable?

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Answers (7)
  • Declan Lopez

    UNetbootin works for flash drives and SD cards if you want to boot linux.

    • ariel

      how do you use unet boot to boot sd card..and my computer doesnt read my sd card it just says usb drive no sd card

  • John Reese

    You can burn a ISO file to SD card and the ISO file is a boot able OS.  If you are booting from Desktop then BIOS may not support booting from USB port.  If you are using netbook then BIOS most likely will support booting from USB port or local card reader.  If you are wanting to boot from SC card and run Windows 7 or 8 then you will need 16 to 32 Gb SD card.   Linux would use less space.  

  • Indronil Mondal

    it can be made bootable ,
    BUT you want to make it boot able with what???????
    like having linux on it, windows start up disk ,

    please tell what you want to boot with it..


    Hello, is this to be used in a laptop or desktop?  Chances are if it is in a laptop, your BIOS should be able to boot from memory card.  If it is a desktop, depends on BIOS options.  What are you planning to boot anyways?

  • Mike

    Well, what do you want to boot from it?

    Generally speaking, you should able to make it bootable e.g. using Multiboot USB creator or a similar tool.

    The important point however is that your motherboards BIOS (or EFI) must support booting from SD devices.

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