Can we see 3D movies on our laptop’s LCD?
Question by rajesh /
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Can we see 3D movies on a normal LCD screen of or laptop using third party software? And what kind of glasses are required for that?

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Answers (51)
  • Vipes

    i was wondering if my laptop could really play 3d movies its a
    ASUS G75v
    Processor-Intel® Core™ i7 3610QM Processor
    Operating System-Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium
    Chipset-Intel® HM77 Chipset
    Display-17.3" HD with EWV (1366 x 768) / FHD 3D LED Backlight
    Graphic-NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 660M with 2GB GDDR5 VRAM

    i got some glasses and dont seem to work is there a way to test them

  • Hafiz

    Can I turn My acer aspire 4755G into 3D ????

  • diva_gloria

    Is it possible to play 3d movie on Sony Vaio VPCCW21FX? The movie has Quality: 3D 1080p
    Resolution: 1920*1038.

  • diva_gloria

    Would I be able to play 3d movie on my Sony Vaio, Sony Vaio VPCCW21FX to be more exact?? The movie has Quality: 3D 1080p and
    Resolution: 1920*1038. Thanx in advance for anyone who answers this! =)

    • Tim Brookes

      No, I'm afraid you will not. To display 3D content properly you need a 3D monitor or television. Standard laptop displays are incapable of displaying stereoscopic 3D.

  • Zee

    I have ThinkPad W510. is it possible to watch 3Dmovies on laptop with/without glasses?
    Is there a Shield/Screen available, to use the power of laptop and webcam to display image in 3D without glasses?


    • Oron

      No, to view 3D you need to have either special glasses (coloured, polarised or with LCD shutters) or a special screen. There's no filter or the like that you can place onto the screen.

    • Zee

      as per my understanding, W510 has 3d card, but its screen is not 3d ready.
      If i dont have 3D screen, and only have 3d glasses (say polarised or with LCD shutters), i will be able to see 3D?
      3D glasses can not work without special screen, no?

    • Oron

      "3D" in a graphics card is not directly related to stereoscopic display/vision (which is what you are looking for). In graphics cards, the term means the card has built in capabilities to speed up "Z axis" in games.
      Regarding glasses/screen combination, it's as follows:
      - Coloured glasses: work with any (colour) screen.
      - Shuttered glasses: any screen, but additional software required.
      Polarised glasses: special screen or projector required

  • Bing Thom

    If you are a movie fanatic, then you already know that there is nothing more thrilling than watching your favorite movies on 3D. The best thing is, you can enjoy the experience of 3D right on your computer; it is really not that hard. You just need to make a few minor adjustments, and you will enjoy movies in Blue-ray and high definition. All major display manufacturers have 3D on the top of their list of agendas. 3D has become a necessity in the gaming world; it is one of the must have features in gaming consoles. Play station and X-box are the leading lights in this regard. However, adopting 3D has proven to be an uphill task for most people bearing in mind that it costs quite a tidy sum to get a 3D television; and when you can afford it, you are still limited on what you can watch. For this reason, the computer remains the only place one can go to get 3D titles. It offers you the best money value, and you get to enjoy a large variety of videos.[url=]more....[url]

  • tmen

    I come across a website while browsing about watching 3D in your computer since this topic interests me and according to the site I've found ( It is very possible to watch 3D movies on your computer nowadays but you must check if your laptop's lcd supports 3D. You must also have a 3D vision kit and a 3D graphic card installed in your computer.

  • Janto

    i have a question . I have an ASUS HD VH222H 21 inch monitor..I have one of those polarized glasses..Can you watch 3d movies with it on my monitor..with powerdvd11?

  • Sunita

    can i watch 3d movie in my acer e-machines with dual core, 1GB ram and intel hd graphics and LCD monitor.. Give me a solution plzzzz

    • Susendeep Dutta

      If your monitor is 3D one then you can watch 3d content.To check whether your monitor is 3D or not refer to the manufacturer's site of monitor.

    • Chodu

      Chutey lowdey jab hum thetr may jate hay to 2d screen may 3d print kee sath 3d chasmey ke sath how can we get 3d experiance..

    • Sandeep Mehrotra

      Yes, You can watch any 3D movie on your HD Lcd or Laptop with 3D glasses (Red and Cyan), you dont require any 3D compatible monitor. How????..... Download software directly or through torrent the "CYBERLINK POWER DVD 12 ultra" or "WINDVD11". load it into your hard disk and play any 3D content in 3D mode , wear the glasses and enjoy. The glasses are too expensive from Rs 6000-11500, but i have an idea to purchase it at lowest cost as Rs 190, go to and search for books with 3-D glasses, purchase any lowest cost book. The book will be delivered to your address, now you have your glasses to enjoy the movie.I have a lot of 3D movies and enjoy everyday on my ordinary LCD monitor.

    • sai

      wat type of 3d glasses should be used. is it red and cyan.

  • Anil

    can i watch 3D movies with my laptop- HP Dv6-6155tx with 4GB ram & radeon 6490m 1 GB graphic,LED monitor(screen)

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