Does 32-bit Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007 work on 64-bit Windows 8?
Question by Tomas Rongey /

Is Office Enterprise 2007 compatible with Windows 8 64 bit? I have a copy waiting in the wings to install but first I need a truthful okay answer. If the answer is no, I have been told Office 2010 works fine. Right or Wrong?

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Answers (19)
  • Peter

    Any help on this matter?

  • Peter

    MS enterprise 2007 does not work with windows 8. Why?

  • umar

    i couldn’t download your file of office, so that i hope you can help me. thanks

  • Tomas R.

    My question, “Does 32-bit Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007 work on 64-bit Windows 8?”, was swamped with positive answers. Thanks to all the folks that took time to read it and submit your answers. .

  • Jim Chambers

    Yes it is compatible. Remember to set Windows Update to install patches fo other Microsoft products so you get the service packs and security patches for Office.

  • Raghav Gupta

    Yes it will definitely work

  • Loïc Alleyne

    32 bit and 64 bit refer to the amount of memory that the system is designed to address; 32 bit software will run on a 64 bit OS but not the other way around.

  • Usman Mubashir

    Yes you can run 32 bit office on 64 bit windows, in fact, microsoft prefer you to use 32 bit office

  • Dave Rimmer

    Most 32bit will work on a 64bit OS if you look in your windows drive you will notice a Program Files folder where the 64bit programs get installed and a Program Files (x86) folder where your 32bit compatible programs get installed. Just try it if there is any problems with it then windows normally informs upon installing.

  • Naveen Kumar

    yes definitely it can work on 64 bit windows 8………….

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