Why can I not see my 1TB Seagate external hard drive under My Computer in Windows Vista?
Question by douglas asabre /

My external hard drive is recognized anytime I connect to my laptop, but I can’t access it because I don’t see the connected hard drive icon in “My Computer”. I use Windows Vista. Thank you.

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Answers (29)
  • megan

    Hi i have simliar problem, when i connect my harddrive it goes into devices and printers not ‘my computer’. anyone can help? :)

    • Susendeep DUtta

      Go to Device management and locate your external HDD and see whether it’s formatted or not.Other solutions might be trying to reinstall the drivers


      Hello, can you provide a little bit more information? Is this a new harddrive? If it is not, has it shown in my computer before? Is your computer using an AMD processor?

      When your computer is using an AMD CPU, your drive shows in devices and printers and it gives you the option to eject drive from there. If it is a new harddrive, it might be that for some reason there is no letter attached to it and/or might need a letter assigned or formatting. Does the drive show in device management? If you provide your operating system, more precise instruction can be given on how to check. You might also want to check in disk management.

  • Susendeep Dutta

    @Car88win @prasad : Your external HDD might be making noise because it was working much harder to work.Have you shaked the drive?Since external HDD’s contains disk platters,they are prone to fail due to this.

    Did you tried updating the drivers?

  • Himanshu

     Hi All, Mine worked as follows:
    1) Right-click on My Computer and select Manage.
    2) Click on Disk Management
    3) select your USB drive block
    4) right click on the selected block and click Mark as active
    5) Assign a drive letter by right clicking on the drive and select a unique drive letter
    Now your drive must show up in My Computer

  • lynyn

    i have a iomega external HDD. of 512 GB . my memory is rarely full. i hav so many important files in it. but my ex-HDD is not show in any pc.i though that it was due to cable but it wasnt and it make some sound…. when i insert it in my pc gave a sound but not show in my computer and any others.please tell me what should i do to figure what is that problem … tell how can i fix it ? please help me out coz all the files and document of my life are inside it… i ll be doom if i can have it……

    • Susendeep Dutta

      There was similar problem faced by one user –


      ukohara suggested that –

      “well go to device manager and choose USB option. try to see how many ports are active pr showing devices connected to them, then try to recognize in which port ur HDD is connected. then right click on the usb link and choose update driver follow on screen option and browse for the driver software for usb media. then restart and re connect the HDD see id it recognize it or not. if this does nt work then contact the disk manufcturer and take their help. usually it is a driver issue. dont worry try to download it from manufacturer’s website. it will solve ur problem.”

  • prasad

    I have a Seagate external hard drive (500 GB) bought 2 years ago. 
    A few months back, when the disk was full,  it was making a noise, and for fear of losing the data, I backed up my pictures and some other videos. 
    When the disk was upto 450 GB, the noise stopped. I assumed it was making a noise, because it was full. 
    When I plugged it in, yesterday, I find that My Computer does not recognize it. 
    I cannot find it in Device Manager either. It is no where on my computer. It’s just as if it has vanished. But, the light still blinks showing, it is connected to the system. I am confused. I still have some data, around 350 GB, which I do not want to lose. Is there nay way this can be corrected?
    Please let me know, what I should do .
    I tried plugging it into another laptop, and it does not detect their either. 
    In both cases, the light still is on, when connected. 
    I have drives C,D,E,F in my laptop. (Dell Inspiron 1525)
    My external hard drive is named H. 
    So, it should not have a name clash. I have read a lot of forums, but could not find a solution to this problem.  

    • Car88win

       Same thing just happened to me. Was fine the other day. Came home from work and it wasn’t recognized. Went looking for it, it’s not there – unplugged it – it made a weird grinding noise and still nothing.

  • Atozcomputerstrichy

    seagate 1tb external hdd not opeing the complint: ihave open the hdd thr error messege come do you want FORMAT THE DISK?what can i do?reply quick From Balaji..

    • Susendeep Dutta

      Go to device manager and locate your external HDD device and uninstall the driver.Restart your PC.Connect your external HDD and let the windows install the driver.If it doesn’t works then download and install the drivers from manufacturer’s site,still doesn’t works then contact them for this issue.

  • Tomhankschris

    mine shows up in device manager but not in disk manager whatsoever. ill my disk manager shows is my cpu harddrive and disk drives

  • Tomhankschris

    help please?

  • Tomhankschris

    mine shows up in device manager but not in disk manager whatsoever. ill my disk manager shows is my cpu harddrive and disk drives

  • douglas

    hi Bruce i followed ur instructions and did see Disc 0 – Disc 2. then i went back to check My Computer to see whether i will see the shortcut icon in there but did not. what do i do next.

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