What’s a good PC software suite to use with my Moto G?

Kyem G June 6, 2014
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After sticking to Nokia’s Symbian phone for the last 7 years, I had to move on to a new Moto G – my very first Android phone. In between I’ve got an iPad with me.

Motorola hasn’t come up with a PC suite and I’m tired of trying to find a good one (I didn’t install and test any yet). Nokia and iTunes are too awesome as with Nokia; I could even text through the PC while my phone was connected to the PC via USB or Bluetooth and iTunes can backup even in-app data and so no worry of data loss on reset.

I want a same like them for my Moto G. It’s otherwise too difficult to backup my phone, although contacts are synced with Google but its impossible to download the bunch of apps after going through a reset. Please do suggest after you test it yourself.

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