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Generatus: Cool Facebook Status Message Generator

20th November, 2008

How many hours have you wasted trying to come up with some cool, funny, impressive, creative, original …. status message for your Facebook or Twitter account? Enter Generatus, this simple website can generate a witty status message for your Facebook or Twitter page with a click of a button. All you need to do is […]


SplitMergePDF: Online PDF Splitting and Merging Tool

31st October, 2008

SplitMergePDF is a basic online tool that allows you to split and merge small PDF files online. You can easily split and merge multiple files as long as the combined document file size is less then 200 KB. To start simply follow the instructions provided on the front page. Features: Split and merge PDF documents […]


NapSounds: Download Nap Sounds

30th October, 2008

NapSounds gives you free tunes that can help you with power naps. There are 3 sound types to choose from, electronic, classic and nature. Plus, a new 20 minute power nap sound is generated on a daily basis, so you never get the same tune two days in a row. NapSound claims that it uses […]


NomaDesk: Backup and Sync Files Between Computers

13th October, 2008

NomaDesk offers a simple and secure way to backup personal files online, securely share files with colleagues and most importantly syn files and folders between multiple computers. The latter one is in particularly useful letting you automatically sync files between up to 5 computers. The setup process is quick and easy. First go ahead and […]

Amazon Discount Finder

26th September, 2008

Here is the one and only tool you’ll ever need to find best discounts on Amazon. As some of you probably know while Amazon keeps track of product price drops it doesn’t offer any search functioality targeting such items. Enter Amazon Discount Finder, a search tool to find Amazon discounts. It lets you search for […]

03a-fbCal-Facebook-events.jpg Lookup Default Passwords for Electronic Devices

23rd September, 2008 maintains a large list of default passwords for all kinds of gadgets and electronic devices. Did you ever try changing settings on some gadget but couldn’t do it because it required some password you had never set up. That’s exactly what can help you with. If you ever need a default password for […]


TaxiMe: Taxi Fare Calculator for New York

20th September, 2008

If you’re a frequent cab taker and live in NewYork then TaxiMe has something for you. It’s a Google Maps mashup that helps you calculate (estimate) how much your taxi cab fare will cost. Quick and convenient. At the moment TaxiMe’s taxi fare calculator works only for New York city. To estimate the fare for […]


Autofill PDF Labels: Print Labels and Business Cards Online

3rd September, 2008

Autofill PDF Labels is a resource where you can find good variety of free, downloadable and printable PDF label templates for business cards, name badges, CD labels, shipping labels, file folder labels and more. The way it works, you open one template sheet, insert your information in one field, and watch as it auto-added to […]

Tjoos: Discount Coupons for your Favorite Webstores

22nd August, 2008

Tjoos is another website to get free discount coupons for online stores. In case you have never used online coupons before then basically these are codes or links that give you instant discount on certain products. It can be on, Best Buy, GAP site and so on. You can search or browse coupons by […]


PhoneSpamFilter: Stop Telemarketing Phone Calls

22nd August, 2008 assists the general public in determining which phone calls come from telemarketers trying to sell products and services. Find out where did the call come from, who else received it and what users reported about it. The PhoneSpamFilter database now counts over 50.000 reported numbers and growing. When you get a call from a […]


Fuelly: Track, Share and Compare your Gas Mileage

10th August, 2008

Newly launched web service that lets you track, share and compare your gas mileage with others. Once you have signed up and added enough data, you will get some nice stats such as: – how much you are paying for a tank of fuel, – how much you have paid in total, – the amount […]

Keep your desktop wiki identical on all your machines.

BudgetTracker: Personal Finance Calculator and Budget Tracking

8th August, 2008

Comprehensive and highly-customizable personal finance calculator and budget tracking tool. Using BudgetTracker you can manage your budget, bills and transactions from a single place, setup bill due reminders to your email or mobile phone, track upcoming bills and more. It’s a full featured money management tool comparable to Microsoft Money. This site really has everything […]

WebsiteSpeedTest: Measure the Loading Time of your Site

4th August, 2008

Wondering whether your website is fast enough? Are you sure you’re not loosing visitors because it takes too long to load. Here is a simple no-registration web app that helps you find it out. Not only it can measure the loading time of your site but also compare it against other websites. It can be […]

Drive Pricing: Calculate the Gas Cost for your Road Trip

29th July, 2008

Drive Pricing helps you estimate what that next trip will cost you in gas. Provide some details about your car and the trip, i.e. from/to locations, zipcode where you plan on buying the gas, MPG for your car, gasoline grade and whether it’s a one-way or a round-trip. Afterwards Drive Pricing gives you an estimate […]


MoviesFoundOnline: Public Domain Movies and Documentaries

26th July, 2008

MoviesFoundOnline is a free website where you can watch public domain movies and documentaries. The site only lists movies and documentaries that are absolutely free and lie outside of copyright restrictions. You cannot download videos, but only stream them online. Most of the videos are embedded from Google Video and YouTube. So expect the video […]